Bending Plexiglass

Advertising banners, mesh and foil printing

Plexiglass is one of the most commonly used material for developing advertising and information board. The reasonable cost and elegance makes it a preferred choice among the business managers. However, in some cases it may be required to bend the Plexiglas material as per customized requirement. Plexiglass bender is another innovative product in our portfolio. Using the plexiglass bender, we can plexiglass plates of different thickness. The maximum allowed bending width is 1000mm. Bending plexiglass allows for production of materials such as business card holders, leaflet stands, display etc. These are commonly used elements in advertising material. Leaflet stand and business card holders forms an indispensable part of exhibition stands equipment. Our companies have deep expertise in designing and building such stands.

Exhibition stands are top of the line when procured from us. We pay our special attention to every small details so that the end product is perfect and spotless. Our products are specially designed to speak the language of your company.

Our advertising service offers also include production of prints for car wrapping and production of illuminated block letters. We suggest you to check all the products and service offering.