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13 Ways to make your trade show booth stand out

Trade show booth is the first impression that you send out to the visitors about your brand. It is no doubt that you would like to make it impressive. As an exhibitor you would like to search for the best stand builder for your trade show event. If you are able to find just the right match of the booth builder for your trade show event, it would be noteworthy how well a good booth can affect the ROI of your trade show event. There are a number of ways available in the market which can help to make your booth stand out. Let us discuss some of them here in this blog. 

Projection Mapping

Striking a conversation with the visitors at the trade show event is a challenging task. First it is difficult for a sales person to figure out from the crowd the relevant people to start up the conversation. Second, it is difficult for the visitors too to go through booth by booth trying to figure out the best place to find the solution to their queries. In such a complex scenario Projection mapping has evolved as the new age brand communication technology at the trade shows that transforms brand content communication into a user experience. The exhibition booth builders are to be communicated prior to the design build so that these type of enhancers can be fabricated while designing. 

Projection mapping is the visual display technique that maps projected images on any surface thereby transforming it into a video screen. The effect of Projection mapping is to create a 3D visual experience by projecting images and videos on the surface in the absence of ambient light and all glass surfaces. It is evident now that the human mind retains more when studied the brand content in the projection form than in a traditional style. Visitors can experience a living effect through projections that makes it popular to be used in the trade show events. New technology has without doubt changed the face of the trade show in a sense how elements are projected in the events. The deployment of projection mapping multiplies the traffic and enhances the attention grabbing capability of the booth even without saying a word. 

Virtual walls

Virtual walls can make the trade show booth highly interactive. By using LED and Projector screen you can provide digital canvas to your visitors. Your visitors can make notes, drawings, play touch screen games on the virtual walls. It can give a new face to your exhibition stand services

Interactive floor

Although floor is the most ignored part of the trade show booth yet it has a great possibility to be equally participative in grabbing the attention of visitors. If you have never heard of interactive flooring, it is the LED lights with proximity sensors that detect movement. You can change the color of lights when the visitors step on it to create a sensory experience, or you can deploy some inventive games that can enhance the experience. It is a great way to make your booth interactive. Your exhibition stand contractors are creative enough to suggest some of the interesting ways as to how the interactive floor can be used to enhance the experience of visitors. 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality can create a 360 degree view of objects that are otherwise difficult to showcase in a limited area. It gives your booth a tremendous opportunity to be interactive. You can also benefit in terms of style by using the AR/VR modes at your trade show booth. You can create a fun element at your booth by using a photo booth of augmented reality. 


Beacons are small wireless transmitters that radiate radio signals with specific information to the nearby Bluetooth devices. They can be used to attract attention to a specific location or to share information. At trade show booths beacons are generally used for navigation to the particular booth or to promote discount coupons, promote offers etc. They are a great way of communication using modern techniques that efficiently work to grab attention to the trade show booth.  Your exhibition stand builder will incorporate them at the time of fabrication. 

4D story telling multi-sensory installations

If you have ever been to a 4D theatre, you must be aware of the 4D story telling multi-sensory installations. These multidimensional experiences create a sensory experience of sight, touch, taste, feel and sound. They are the experiences that the visitors tend to remember even after the trade show is over. Providing memorable experiences can boost up your bran’s image and attract a considerable amount of crowd to your trade show booth at the time of exhibition. 

Colors and Lighting

Colors without a doubt give life to a place. By using bright colors and interesting lighting arrangements you can give your booth an exotic look that the visitors would want to visit. There are a lot of interesting options available in lighting. You can use decorative pieces of light that can solve the dual purpose of making a stand decorative and well-lit. 

Overhead hangings

Using overhead hangings is although an ancient way of decorating a place but it has always worked. By using beautiful and interesting options of overhead hangings you can give an exclusive look to your booth that the visitors would want to visit. There are a lot of interesting options available in the market. Generally your exhibition stand contractor will design your booth and incorporate beautiful overhead hangings to beautify your booth. These have worked to create a beautiful space and help to attract crowd at the trade show booths. 

Keeping a harmless pet

Some of the exhibitors keep harmless pets at the trade show booth to give it a lively touch. Everyone wants to be at a place which makes them feel alive. We have heard an exhibitor keep a pair of penguins at the trade show booth and the crowd went crazy to have a look at them. Some exhibitors keep aquariums or birds to beautify their booth. Keeping a pet is an interesting way to attract more traffic. 

Useful Freebies

Giving away some useful freebies at the trade show booth is not a very new method of attracting the crowd but it has always worked well. People like free things. You can keep small useful giveaways to attract more traffic to your booth. You can ask your exhibition stand contractor to keep a space for it so that it doesn’t become cluttered. 

Eye catching banners

When you exhibit at the trade show one of your main goal is to promote your brand. In order to attract more traffic to your booth you can use eye catching banners reflecting your brand’s message. When the visitors are able to see and absorb the information from quite a distance they tend to visit the booth as well. This will help you have more traffic at your trade show booth. 

Interactive games

You can have some fun-games at your trade show booth to make it more interactive. Everyone likes to play no matter what the age. Keep some interesting fun games and let the winners take away some useful freebies that you have kept to promote your products. This can help you promote your brand in an interactive fun-way. 

Host an interactive product demonstration

Host an interactive product demonstration at your booth. People want to know the real working of products and it is a good idea to give them a real view of what they can have. It generally attracts more traffic at the booth as people like to witness the things for real. This can make your exhibition stand design more interactive.

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