7 Pro Tips for Choosing the Best Exhibition Stand Space

7 Pro Tips for Choosing the Best Exhibition Stand Space

Stand space? This is certainly an important factor to be considered while planning an exhibition. No matter you are a newbie or an extensively experienced exhibitor in the exhibition industry, some of the parameters are essential to understand to make your trade show booth successful. The exhibition stand design and builds certainly work wonders for you but what is important is to have your booth at the right location to add more benefit to your booth. There are several ways by which you can make your trade show booth more attractive. It is difficult to even count what all strategies are used to make the booth more welcoming. But this very important factor of the location of the booth remains higher in importance. There are certain zones of the exhibition that are accessed more by the people. If we take into account of choosing the best booth location, we can certainly add to our benefit in our exhibition stand services.  

In this blog we shall describe 7 pro tips for choosing the best exhibition stand space.

Close to the entrance.

It is evident without doubt that the space in the exhibition floor that is near the entrance is more crowded. People just enter the exhibition floor and are in high spirits. They want to explore the booths with full zeal. Booths that are near the entrance get an added advantage in this case. People start exploring them with high spirits and full zeal. Imagine the situation when the exhibition floor is flooded with many booths and you are nearly ending your exploration. At that point of time you will be very tired and not in full mood to listen to what the exhibitor wants to say other than the times when you are just there to attend that particular information. Places near the entrance have therefore a special value. Exhibitors after making up their mind to participate in a trade show make it their first priority to grab the best location for the trade show booth. Your custom exhibition booth builders can then add up more to it by having eye catching features. 

Corner locations of the exhibition floor

Corners of the exhibition floor are the areas with multiple traffic flows. It is also a good idea to invest in a location that is at the corners where the possibility of coming across people is more. The investment done for the good location serves many benefits in terms of grabbing more traffic to the booth naturally. 

Cross Junctions

Like the corners, cross junctions are also the areas of multiple traffic flows. People cross by these places and the booths nearby are likely to be explored. The investment in the right space at the exhibition floor is a wise investment as it leads to heavy traffic at the crowd.

Near café and restrooms

There is no such fair where the cafes and restrooms are not extensively used. Some exhibitors also like to invest in these places as a suitable location for the booth. While people are free from the eating joint they would like to stroll around the exhibition floor and are likely to attend your booth if you have chosen a nearby location. 

To the left or to the right of the exhibition

It is interesting to note that this is although the most overlooked part of the list but it’s very important point to be noted. Places where the driver’s seat is on the left, those people like to explore the exhibition hall from the right and vice versa. Studies have confirmed the authenticity of this part. It is therefore important to understand the location that is your trade show venue and study the options chosen by people. You would of course like to be on the initial front of the exploration. Isn’t it?

Being close to competitors

Although it is a tough decision and a careful one too to choose the booth location near your competitors. You should generally opt for this option if you feel you are very well prepared to compete and you have certain parameters that can get you ahead in competition with them. If you are sure that you will benefit by keeping your booth close to your competitors only then this step is wise. Otherwise if you are not well prepared or in some way feel that your competitor has an edge above you, then try to remain far from that space. An intelligent choice will bring you near success. 

Near big renowned brand

Wise is the one who can bask in the rain when it is raining. So if you are aware of a big brand that is very renowned exhibiting in the same show as yours, then you can choose the exhibition booth space near them. All the attendees that you are sure would be visiting their booth, there are ample of chances that your booth being nearby also gets the advantage of their crowd. There is no harm in basking in the benefits that can come for free. 

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