7 Quick Tips to Get Noticed at a Crowded Trade Show

7 Quick Tips to Get Noticed at a Crowded Trade Show

Trade shows are one of the best marketing tools for big and small industries. Exhibitors have a tough task thinking of the best ideas to implement in the trade show that can bring them profit. One such element is the trade show booth. Trust me, it is not an easy task to choose the best stand builder for your exhibition. There are a lot of strategies that count in to help an exhibitor choose the stand builder for their trade show. The primary intention is to have such a booth that makes you noticeable in the crowd and attracts traffic.

 It can be quite challenging when you want to stand out in the crowd of many at the trade show event. So how can one approach the scenario such that the purpose of the innovative exhibition stand gets justified? Here are 7 quick tips to get noticed at a crowded trade show. 

Pre-marketing strategy

It is needless to say there are countless trade show booths in the trade fair. If you are wanting to increase your ROI, you will not just need the random crowd to visit your booth. It is very beneficial if you update your presence at the trade show booth prior to the show through social media, websites and other mediums. This will enable people to know that you are participating in the show. Update about your agenda of the show so that people may know what they can expect at your booth. This is a very efficient and successful method to attract the relevant crowd towards your booth. People will know what they are looking for and where can they find it. It is as essential as finding the exhibition stand builder for your show. 

Interactive games

Everyone no matter what the age likes to play. Try incorporating some games at your booth. It is an interesting and engaging way to attract crowd at your booth. You can make the games aligning with your agenda and keep small giveaways as a gift for the winners. It is very motivating for everyone to achieve something by winning a game. Giving away freebies is an old technique of attracting crowd. Try clubbing it with games and giving away the freebies to winners this time. You will be surprised that sometimes it works better than the usual giveaways because people feel nice playing and winning something over. 


Beacons are small wireless transmitters that are programmed to send radio signals to the nearby Bluetooth devices. They are a very good medium to attract crowd at your booth. Beacons can be used to promote offers, discount coupons and can help people with navigation by the information that is set within it. Beacons are capable of making wonderful connection and have been increasingly used by exhibitors in the trade shows these days. With the digitalization everything has transformed in the way things were executed earlier. In the modern times it is essential to walk aligning with the current times and use modern technology to withstand the tough competition that exists in the market. Your exhibition stand services include the incorporation of technologies when you ask them to configure it while the designing is being done. 

Keeping a pet animal for attracting crowd

It might seems strange but having a lively experience at the booth can increase the traffic in surprising ways. I got to know about an exhibition where an exhibitor had kept a pair of penguins to attract attention. Needless to say there was a huge crowd of people at the booth wanting to have a glimpse of penguins. Some exhibitors keep aquarium, parrot or a harmless pet animal to make the exhibition stand come alive. It is an interesting way to attract the people towards your booth. Your exhibition booth builder can make arrangements to have one such space for the same. Once they are there, you can rely on your trained staff to engage them in meaningful conversation to generate more leads. 

Having a charger station

In the modern times there is hardly anyone that is not carrying the mobile phone with them. Trade show event requires long hours to cover the length of all the booths in the trade show. People generally like to see all the booths once they enter the trade show. They will be needing a charger station to charge their mobile phones at some instance of time. Having a charger station at your booth gives a good possibility to gather people at your booth. Once they are busy charging their mobile phones you can gently start a conversation about your products and services. While their phone is charging at your booth, they will be happy to hear what you would like to say. 

Free Wi-Fi

Making a zone of free Wi-Fi can help you get more traffic at the booth. Everyone wants to stay connected via internet in today’s time. Providing for this small need can help you get more traffic at your booth since people are generally searching for a Wi-Fi zone in the trade shows. By providing efficient exhibition stand services including a free-Wi-Fi zone can help you get more traffic and you can efficiently convert them into potential customers with the help of your trained staff by engaging conversations. 

Latest technology

You can use the latest technology like virtual walls, interactive floor, augmented reality, virtual reality, projections and multi-sensory installations to gather more traffic to your booth. People like to have extraordinary experiences. Who doesn’t enjoy something that is good and pleasing to the senses? All these latest technologies create sensory experiences of some kind and are very effective in attracting the crowd to your booth. Moreover, it will give you an edge over the other exhibitors as using modern techniques keeps you updated in the competitive environment. No matter how crowded the trade show is, by using some of these techniques you can easily get that extra boost of crowd wanting to be at your booth. 

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