Trade shows are very beneficial since exhibitors can meet thousands of other exhibitors and trade visitors and do excessive branding. However, the path toward a successful trade show leads to the lanes of planning and preparation. Exhibiting in a trade show or exhibition requires a lot of planning and preparation. If you fail to plan properly, your trade show dream will be crumbled down.

Even your custom exhibition booth builder will not be able to provide you with a lifejacket if the planning process disappoints. Hence, before you start preparing and planning for your next trade show, keep in mind these 9 key elements that lead to a successful trade show. 

Determine your exhibiting goals

Exhibition goals are the driving force of trade show participation. There can be numerous trade show goals, including generating leads, getting a higher return on investment, creating brand awareness, launching a new product or service, or any other goal. If you don’t determine your exhibiting goals, you cannot work towards setting the apt objectives and working towards achieving them. And remember not to jump on far-away goals that are difficult to accomplish. For instance, if you are a start-up you cannot directly work towards generating leads, since you need to first focus on increasing brand awareness. Moreover, set realistic exhibiting goals that are easy to achieve.

Allocate Budget

Allocate BudgetBudget determination is the most crucial and toughest task of trade show planning. After deciding upon your exhibiting goal, establish a real-time budget. Start gathering costs that are associated with your trade show. It begins with costing for the venue, exhibition stand design and build space, booth building expenses, custom exhibition booth builders quotation, shipping costs, and other necessary costs. Plan out your budget properly, so that you do not have the risk of going over budget.

Build a custom exhibition booth design as per the exhibiting goal

After determining your exhibiting goals and setting up your budget, the next step is to have an exhibition stand design and build it according to the exhibiting goal. Your custom exhibition booth design should be fabricated in a way that acts as your brand’s spokesperson. Ask your custom and modular exhibition booth builders to build a booth that defines your product’s story. If your exhibiting goal is to increase brand awareness, create an area where people can interact with your products and services. Build an atmosphere that is conducive to meeting your exhibiting goals. 

Select the right trade show and booth location

Select a trade show that suits your brand well. Conduct thorough research on your selected trade show. For instance, where will your target audience congregate, your competitors, and most importantly, select an exhibition that helps in accomplishing your exhibiting goals. 
While booking your custom exhibition booth design, do know the venue layout and how is it organized. Choose a spot where your target audience is likely to collect. And know where your competitors are, you can either book a spot near your competitors or far away from them. 

Make your booth welcoming with the usage of technology

Your exhibition stand design and build should be warm and welcoming, to attract the majority of visitors. This feat can be achieved with the use of technology. Install LED touch screens, artificial intelligence, or virtual reality to create a buzz. This way you are able to attract a maximum audience. Moreover, you can customize them as per your brand guidelines and marketing strategies. 

Choose the right staff

The booth staff is the face of the company. Either hire your booth staff or train your company’s employees well to stand out from your competitors. Your booth staff should be well versed with the company’s products and services. Plus they should have great communication skills to start a conversation and greet the visitors warmly. If your stand staff is rude or unaware of the company’s products, it may negatively impact your brand’s image. Hence, a set of well-trained people should be hired to give your custom exhibition booth design a professional look and feel. 

Promote your company thoroughly

Your target audience should know about your trade show presence. If they are uninformed about your trade show participation, then it won’t be success. Spread the message of your trade show participation on your websites and social media platforms. Give your audience a reason to visit your modular exhibition stand design. For instance, start a competition, or offer gifts that allure the audience. 

Capture leads efficiently

This is the most important part of trade show planning. If your aim is to generate leads, you should think of a method to capture them proficiently. You can either work on a modern method by installing a system that scans the leads contacts just by scanning or generate a lead capture form. 


After the show is over, follow-up is crucial. Don’t let your hard work go to waste because you don’t follow up on your interested visitors. Set up a system so that your team can follow up with potential leads. Within 24 hours after the trade show send a follow-up email or message with your company’s information or a thank you note. 


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