Better Ways to Engage Visitors at Your Exhibition Stand

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Trade Shows or Exhibitions are a great marketing tool, and help companies build relationships with new customers and interact with existing customers. Exhibitions also provide you with the experience of selling your product in a competitive environment.

Competing at exhibitions can be tricky. There are so many things that are happening during exhibitions. There are many distractions that may keep attendees away from visiting your stand. This may impact your exhibiting goal.

If you don’t want this to happen, contact an exhibition stand designer that will provide you with effective ways in which you can beat the noise that your competitors are making. We at RADON SP Z.O.O has extensive experience in designing and building exhibition stand design. Having said that, here are some tips that can allure more visitors and help you in fulfilling your exhibiting objective:

  1. Endorse yourself before the show: Publicizing your marketing presence can impact the number of visitors. Start a new campaign and use creative hashtags to make yourself visible online. Engage your audience with exciting offers and prizes. Regularly update your social media posts, and keep your audience informed about your every action before and after the exhibition. You can make your presence online through e-newsletters, blog posts, or online advertisements. If more people are aware of your online presence, more people are expected to search for your exhibition booth construction during the exhibition.
  2. Visually Impactful: This is one of the most important ways wherein you can engage visitors at your exhibition stand. If your exhibition stand construction is visually impactful with bold text, graphics, and appropriate lighting, then it is more likely to generate more leads. To build an impressive exhibition booth design, you should start preparing for your exhibition booth design, at least 4 to 6 months before the final show. If you sit with your exhibition stand builder and discuss every detail that can help create a lasting impression, you can easily engage your audience at a trade show.
  3. Create a theme: If you want to stand out from the crowd, then don’t go for a simple exhibition stand construction. A theme-based exhibition stand design will attract more people. If you build your stand on your brand’s theme, it will provide a unique brand personality. More attendees will become aware of your unique theme, thereby increasing footfall. With different elements like artificial grass, lawn chairs, floral walls, etc. you can create a strong impact on the visitor’s mind. Or you can play your theme around your product.
  4. Provide an Interactive Element: Over the last few decades, technology has been developing at a rapid pace. Digital branded games, social media, augmented reality, virtual reality, digital surveys, and various other interactive technology has taken a front seat during an exhibition. With these technologically advanced gadgets, your customers can also touch and feel your products. Interactive elements are a great way to engage your audience at your exhibition stand.
  5. Creating a strong Brand Identity: Brand Identity in today’s world is not just about logos and personalized letterheads. But nowadays it is a way to express your company’s fundamental values to the audience. If you create a strong brand identity, you can create a memorable image of your brand in the visitor’s minds.


If you are planning to exhibit in Paris, then don’t look further and contact RADON SP Z.O.O, your ideal exhibition stand builder Paris. We have been in the exhibition stand contractor business for the last 16 years. We offer end-to-end exhibition services, which implies, we provide assistance with Pre-Show, During Show, and Post Show services. We are your ideal exhibition stand builder in Europe, because we render world-class services, and provide an exhibition booth design that will help your brand create a name in the industry.

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