8 brilliant Ideas for attracting a crowd to your trade show exhibit

Ideas for attracting a crowd to your trade show exhibit

Exhibitors invest a great deal on the trade show booth. There are a lot of strategies and information available about how to choose the best stand builder for your exhibition. But have you ever thought about the brilliant trade show ideas that make the exhibition stand services an excellent experience for the exhibitor. If you have missed out on some ideas we are sharing an extensive list of all the ideas for attracting a crowd to your trade show exhibit. 

Find the appropriate and profitable event for your company

1.	Find the appropriate and profitable event for your company

There is no end to the trade fairs that are occurring in different parts of the world. But choosing the one that is suitable for you requires careful consideration. Pick out the trade shows that can prove to be profitable to your company. Research about the previous editions of the trade shows and find our various parameters like about the audience, about the exhibitors that participated, about the reviews of the event to find out if it is appropriate for your business. 

Ask yourself a few questions before you shortlist the ideal event for your business.
Is the show well established?
Has it attracted a decent number of attendees in the previous editions?
Does the expected cost to exhibit align with your budget that you have planned?
Are your competitors exhibiting in the current edition of trade show event?
Are you well prepared to exhibit alongside your competitors?
Trade show is an expensive method of marketing, so invest wisely in the trade show event that can give you maximum ROI. By participating in the right trade show event you will be attracting the relevant crowd for your exhibition.

Invest on your trade show booth

invest on trade show booth

The exhibition you have chosen to participate in shall be promoted by your exhibition stand design. Invest on your trade show booth to have an exhibition stand that can steal the show. Ask your exhibition booth builder to design the exhibition stand aligning your vision and to put in some other brilliant ideas from their own experience. Choose the best booth builder for your show. This will give you an edge over your competitors and you can expect a considerable amount of crowd at your booth. 

Choose a good booth location

good booth location

It is important to have a booth that can help you get more traffic and it is also important to have the booth at a place where it can actually benefit from the location and attract more crowd. Places near the entrance or cafes or restrooms or near the cross junctions have more probability of people crossing by the place. Take advantage of your location by choosing the best possible place for your booth. 

Promote your participation in the trade show event timely
promote trade show

It is important that people know about your participation in the trade show event and what they can expect from your event. Promote your participation and agenda of your participation well in advance. Let people know when and where they can find you at the event and what all you will be sharing. When people are aware of what they will find at the particular event, you can expect to have a relevant crowd at your booth which is very good for the success of your event. Use social media and other platforms to spread the word so that you can attract wider audience at your show.

Contact your existing clients and trade show participants
contact with clients

Do not forget to share the information about your participation in the trade show with your existing clients. Also share some blogs or information about your agenda with the trade show participants list. This will give them a chance to be well aware of your presence in advance and about what can they find at the trade show event. They can come straight to your booth locating your whereabouts through the information shared. You can attract crowd by gently contacting your contact list and benefit from their presence with the help of your trained staff. 

    Make your booth interactive

make your booth interactive

There are enormous ideas available on how you can make your booth more interactive. You can use latest technologies like virtual walls, interactive floor, use beacons, augmented reality, virtual reality, projections, and many more to make your booth interactive. Not just this you can manage some games on your booth to give it an interactive feel. Use of Mascots is another technique that can help you achieve the interactive goal. Your exhibition stand services can contribute a lot on the return on investment for your exhibition. Making your booth interactive will give you an upper hand from others and you can expect more crowd at your booth. 

Keep up with trends

Make sure you keep up with the modern era in every aspect of your exhibition. Choose an exhibition booth builder that uses latest technology and equipment to fabricate the booth. Be aware of the fact that people come to the trade shows to gain insight over what is new in the market. Do not use outdated techniques and booth designs which can lead you to a downward spiral with other competitors. We live in the era where technological advancements are transforming the complete face of how things are evolving at a very fast speed. Consider what is new in the market and try to be in line with the latest trends in the market for your exhibition to attract more crowd. 

  • Host an after party
    Trade show is not the end of everything. In fact, consider it as your introduction in the market. People will get to know about your brand hereafter, so make this trade show experience count. It’s a brilliant idea to host an after party and make your exhibition experience worth remembering. People tend to remember a place where they have had great fun. Try to remain as a great memory to the visitors that come to your booth. Take their contact details and do not forget to follow –up after the trade show is over.

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