Choose the exhibition stand design company for Your Business

Choose the exhibition stand design company for Your Business

Whenever we talk of exhibition stand designer, a great lot of options are flooded in front of us. With the heavy competition in the market, it has become difficult to choose the exhibition stand design company for our business. Many of the organizations provide outstanding designs that can withstand the competition in the market. With so many options in hand, it is a difficult task to choose one exhibition stand designer for the show. 

More aware the exhibitors more important will they feel to have a unique design of the trade show booth that can steal the show at the trade show event. After all, trade show booth represents the face of the company and it is the primary element that the visitors will look at when they enter the exhibition hall. 

The role of the trade show booth in the marketing strategy is of high importance. The visitors experience the welcoming energy by the booth they have a look at. The exhibition stand design company use a lot of strategies to make a unique booth that can steal the show. There is no end to the possibilities that can make a trade show booth attractive. From using the latest technology like projections, interactive floor to the pet keeping strategy and giving away freebies there are an ample number of ways to make the booth more attractive and welcoming. 

But the question remains the same. How do we choose the exhibition stand design company for our business?

Let us first be aware of all the parameters that are necessary to rank the trade show booth company with respect to others in such a highly competitive environment. When we are able to understand what is required to make exhibition stand services work in our best benefit, we will naturally be able to judge and figure out the best design company for our business. 

Reasonable Prices

Your primary goal is to set your goals and objectives from the trade show and make a budget for your overall event. Figure out how much you would like to spend on the exhibition stand to proceed further. Do not exceed your budget to find that one extraordinary booth. You can always make some creative changes in your booth that is within your budget to make the booth more welcoming. Your exhibition stand designer will have number of ideas to make that possible.  However, there is no harm in choosing a trade show booth that can make heart skip a beat if you are very sure that the result will be an increase in return on investment that will make you feel that you made a right choice of choosing such a booth. 

Geographic Position

You will need to transport your trade show booth to the location of the exhibition floor. So it is imperative to choose an exhibition stand design company that is located in the same city as that of your trade show event. Even if you are unable to find a good booth builder in the same city, choose a one that is considerably nearer to the venue so that your booth experiences less wear and tear due to transport. In addition to this you will be surprised to know that the comparative charges of building a trade show booth will be less if the manufacturing unit of the booth designing company is in the same city. The reason being a local vendor will be having contacts with the printing and other small services that are required in the overall construction that can offer them a reasonable price. Consequently their price of a superior quality stand will also be reasonable. It would require little research to figure out such a company, but if you able to find one, it will be highly beneficial for your business. 


If you want to have a timely delivery of your booth, you will need to figure out an experienced booth builder that has designers having an extensive experience in the domain. A team of engineers and architects working on a stand from a long duration have the best estimate of the time it will take to build a stand. You certainly would not like to experience a situation where your trade show is round the corner and trade show booth is not ready. To avoid such situations try finding an experienced company than hiring a novice. 

End-to-End services

When you are already investing in the trade show booth with your time and money, why not choose a company that provides full exhibition stand services. In other words the full exhibition service provider will give you services like installation, dismantling after the trade show is over and storage of the stand. If you are not opting for the rental services storage of the exhibition stand is a big issue. Choosing a company that has its own warehouse to store the stand can make your task easy. After all who doesn’t like to experience a hassle free event? 

Innovation & Variety

Search for exhibition stand designers that are innovative in approach and provide a large variety to choose from. In the competitive environment you will need a trade show booth that can stand out from the crowd. Check out their previous works to analyze how innovative have they been in their other assignments. And it is good to have a wide variety to choose from. You will be searching for a booth that can reflect your brands message in the perfect manner. Having a choice to choose from is always good to have. 

Quality of exhibition stands

There are a number of examples where exhibitors have to face challenges when the booth material was not upto the mark. Experiencing minor or major damage of the booth while transportation or installation is not something that can be endured. Trade show is that limited time duration where you can make the most count. If you have missed on some major points like your trade show booth not in good position to showcase then it will be a big loss. Never compromise on the quality of booth. Choose a company that doesn’t compromise on it either. 

Reviews in the market

Research over the internet to find out about the testimonials others have written about the company. This will give you a fair idea of how the experience of others have been with the company. You can judge the reliability and dependability of a company from the reviews other have given about them. 


If you are wondering how to find any such company that is good in all the above parameters, let us introduce you to RADON SP.ZO.O that excels in all the above parameters and is ranked as one of the best booth building company by our clients. Connect with Radon to know more about our products and services. We ensure to make your exhibition hassle-free and successful by our meticulous work done on our exhibition stand services. 

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