How much does an exhibition builder cost in Germany?

How much does an exhibition builder cost in Germany

Understanding the cost of an exhibition stand is based on the parameters that what kind of features you are looking for in an exhibition stand. Every exhibitor wants to choose the best stand builder for the show. The primary intention is to find an trade show design company in Germany that can help to provide the best increase in ROI for the company. There is an abundance of exhibition stand contractors in the market, but choosing the one that will fit all your needs requires careful consideration. 

Just in case you want to know how much an exhibition builder costs in Germany, this blog is for you. We are going to describe here the various factors upon which the cost of the exhibition stand contractor is based. You can get an idea about what you will be paying for when you plan to purchase or rent an exhibition stand for your next trade show event.

Let us describe step by step the features of your exhibition stand that adds up to the cost 

Anything that you want in your stand will naturally cost money. From the material used to build the exhibition stand to the additional logistic items, each one adds up to the cost of the exhibition stand. The exhibition stand design company will be offering you different quotes according to the different designs and features of the exhibition stand. 

Space or Dimensions of the exhibition stand

Your exhibition stand contractor will primarily ask you about what dimensions of the exhibition stand are you looking for. There are options of spaces on the exhibition floor that you would be choosing for your exhibition. Based on the spatial dimensions, you will ask your exhibition stand design company to make an exhibition stand of some particular dimensions. Some of the common dimensions asked by the exhibitors are 10x10 booth design, 20x20 booth design, 30x30 booth design, and 40x40 booth design. These are the general dimensions that are ordered by the exhibitors. However, you can ask the booth builder to build your exhibition stand on the particular dimension that you have paid for on the exhibition floor. So the primary cost of the exhibition stand will be based on the dimensions of the stand. 


Next, you will be asked to choose the design of your exhibition stand. There are a variety of designs available in the market. Some of them include custom exhibit exhibition stand, modular stand, double-decker stands, country pavilion stands, and many more designs. It is the choice and requirement of the exhibitor what design they choose. However, the cost of each of the varieties will differ according to the complexity level in the fabrication of the design. The exhibitor will have their goals and objectives from the trade show based on which they decide the dimension and design of the exhibition stand. 

Full-Service Provider

There are many exhibition stand contractors that design and build the exhibition stand. All the other services like transportation of the stand to the venue, installation of the stand, dismantling of the stand after the trade show is over and storage of the exhibition stand all is the responsibility of the exhibitor. However, some exhibition stand design companies provide a full-service package along with the design and fabrication of the exhibition stand. It is wise to choose the trade show booth contractor in Germany that is offering you a full-service package along with the design and build of the exhibition stand. 

Frame types

If you are looking for an exhibition stand design company that offers you the best price for the frame types you can explore your options with RADON SP. ZO.O. Radon provides a wide variety of frame styles while the traditional booth builders are using entirely wooden stands pricing according to the number of carpenters and decorators. You can find a variety of frames with Radon at reasonable prices. So you can say that the frame style adds up to the cost of your exhibition stand design. 


Furniture also adds up to the cost of the exhibition stand design. If you wish that your attendees could sit and discuss with you at the trade show you would definitely be keeping some furniture in your booth. Exhibitors usually try to keep some interesting furniture items that can steal the show and are a comfortable arrangement in the booth. According to the style and variety of furniture, you will be keeping in your exhibition stand design, your cost will rise up. Although it is a good idea to keep interesting items at your booth, you can lower the cost here by keeping some simple but comfortable furniture to match your style and design of the booths. They are generally provided by your exhibition stand design company at an additional cost along with the booth. 


Electricity supply is needed in the booth to light–up the exhibition stand as well as to run your audio-video visuals at the show. Some exhibitors use beautiful overhead hangings with stylish lighting arrangements to beautify the space. It is upon your taste and budget that you can decide upon the extras for your booth. However, the generic cost of lighting will definitely be there when you purchase or rent a booth. 

Audio-Visual Devices

Audiovisual devices like a TV screen or AR/VR are some of the features that are added to the design of the booth. According to the needs of the exhibitors, the cost will vary on what you are incorporating within the design. 


Exhibition halls do not generally have great mobile phone service. So having a Wi-Fi hotspot is a brilliant way to attract visitors. You can consider the option of having Wi-Fi added to your booth which will again add up to the cost. The exhibition stand contractors are generally well-aware of the needs of a particular venue. If you have chosen the best booth builder in Germnay for your show with considerable experience, they will also be able to guide you about what features you can include or omit according to the venue to have a successful exhibition. 

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