How to find the Best Local Exhibition Stand Partner in your city

When it comes to choosing an exhibition stand company, there are a few things that come into mind. Are they creative? Are they innovative? Do they provide quality stands? Do they stand out compared to other exhibition stand design companies? Any company you deal with should be able to provide you complete stand solution and save your time and money in the long run. Making a wrong decision can be costly. Here are 5 things to look for when hiring an exhibition stand partner for all your stand construction requirements.

Stand company with its own in-house production

Ask your exhibition design partner whether they have an in-house production team to undertake multiple projects at a time. There are many companies that only do the design part and give construction work to sub-contractors. This can impact the quality of work and also the deadline of your project. Our advice would be, to look for an exhibition contractor who can design, build and install custom displays, all managed by their own production team.

Great Industry experience for unique design service

Before considering an exhibit builder as your new exhibition stand partner, make sure you choose someone who has a successful track record with previous customers. You can ask the exhibition stand builder berlin how long they are in business and how many stands have they constructed to date, and who all are their clients? The answers to these will help determine whether the company is qualified as per your standard or not.

large warehousing & manufacturing units for the great support

There are a lot of companies, running a business with subcontractors with no physical business address present. As an exhibitor, it’s your responsibility to know whether your stand builder has a physical location to carry out the construction work. A professional company always has its own warehousing & manufacturing unit, equipped with the latest machinery. There will be an actual crew present to design and build an exhibit as per the client’s specifications.

Complete set up with latest machines and logistic solutions

Ask your stand contractor do they have a complete setup with the latest machines and logistic solutions. If yes, then ask them for complete details like how many machines are there? From where do they function? Etc. The stand construction company must be able to give you a logistic solution that includes packaging, transporting, and delivery. A complete in-house service will definitely give you an excellent experience.

Strong availability in local as well as international market

For an exhibition stand Design Company, having a presence in the local as well as international market is very important. The rule of business for every country is different, and so it’s good if your stand contractor has work in both local as well as international markets. If your stand is being built in the same country you are exhibiting in, you can follow all the procedures appropriately and have a smooth time at customs.

Start searching for a highly recommended exhibition stand partner in Europe for the best experience in the business. These five points will help you find the right company and meet your trade goals

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