Know these Frequently Asked Questions regarding Exhibition Stands

In case you are planning to take part in any business exhibition or trade show for the first time or are not much familiar with the exhibition stand industry then no need to worry as we are here to help you out of our every confusion regarding custom exhibition booth design. Welcome to our FAQ guide which will answer all the most frequently asked questions about exhibition stands.

Can I reuse my exhibition stand?

In case you participate in multiple shows in a year then you can reuse your exhibition stand easily. The decision of reusing an exhibition stand depends on you and the type of exhibition stand you have. We are adept in designing from portable stands and pop-up stands to a variety of structural modular stands that can be reconfigured and reused with ease. Generally, reusability is feasible for any stand size or configuration.

How much do exhibition stands cost?

This depends on various factors like, what size of the stand you want, what kind of stand you want, or how complex you want your stand to be. It is advisable to plan on your budget for the stand before contacting any exhibition stand contractor so you can provide an estimation of how much you can spend. We offer affordable exhibition stands for entry-level budgets.

How much should I spend on my exhibition stand?

However, it is advisable to spend 30%-40% of your total budget on your exhibition stand. There is absolutely no need to spend more than that as there are other important aspects of participating in a trade show like marketing, stand staff, giveaways, and many others.

What makes a good exhibition stand?

The definition of a good exhibition stand depends on your aims and objectives and your reason for participating in an exhibition, and this may differ from business to business. However, a good exhibition stand is the one that makes you achieve all your set goals, attract visitors, display your products rightly, and make you stand out from the pool of other exhibitors on the trade show floor.

What’s the most popular type of exhibition stand?

Our most popular types of exhibition stands are custom exhibition stands and modular exhibition stands. Custom exhibition stands are built totally as per your specifications and requirements, whereas modular exhibition stands are highly adaptable and are easily reusable. Contact us more to know more about these exhibition stands and select one.

What’s the best type of exhibition stand?

The best type of exhibition stand for any business is the one that suits its business and exhibition goals the most. In case you intend on participating in trade shows a few times a year then modular exhibition stands would be your best option and if you have a high budget and wants to leave a mesmerizing impression on visitors then a custom stand would be your best option.

How do I know if I should rent or buy my exhibition stand?

In case you only attend a couple of shows a year then hiring an exhibition stand is your best and much more cost-effective solution option. And, if you attend a lot of shows every year, then buying a stand that you will be able to take to each show would work for you. Also, for buying an exhibition stand you must look for the right exhibition stand builder who will build, deliver, dismantle and even store your stand.
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