Product Display Ideas for Exhibitions Stands

Product Display Ideas for Exhibitions Stands

Trade show booths have acquired more than a role in these times. Other than the stack holding appliance it has also become the face of the brand. But we cannot take away the real purpose of the trade show booth. The real connection that it makes with the audience is how well the products are displayed at your trade show booth and how the presentation is affecting the overall look. A trade show booth with a cluttered look is not regarded as most suited for the exhibition. So if you have a large stock to fill in your trade show booth you will need some product display ideas for exhibition stands to make it look attractive, uncluttered and welcoming. Your exhibition stand builders will have a number of innovative ideas of how to build such a design. Let us look at some of the product display ideas that make an attractive booth.

1. Floor Standing Display Unit (FSDU)

A floor stand elevates the visibility and accessibility of products with stocked merchandise in neatly organized specific shelves or blister hooks. There are eye catching shapes of these display units with bright colors and graphics that can entice visitors to inspect what is being displayed.

2. ISLE Unit

These are free standing floor stand units that can be used from any direction and can be placed at an open space or at the corners of the booth. These are powerful displays that can keep the shoppers busy with exploration. 

3. Display Cases

A display case is a free standing display that is closed by glass or transparent plastic windows from all sides. They are used when you are showcasing something valuable that you need to keep away from general contact. In order to access the merchandise inside these cases you may have to contact the booth associates who can retrieve the item from display unit. They provide high end security to the items displayed inside the cases. Jewellery items find their way through these display cases. The exhibition stand design company is efficient in giving them eye catching designs and colors. 

4. Glorifier

Glorifiers are the unique displays that offer the display in the non-traditional manner. They are exceptional as a visual experience and have unlimited possibilities regarding shape, design and material used. They are the perfect platform to set a product in scene and are simultaneously attractive and informative.

5. Countertop Display Unit

Countertop display is the most direct advertisement based on a stand alone presentation, usually with smaller items. It encourages the customers to purchase spontaneously. 

6. Store Window Display

The window of the display space is set up with animations that makes the potential clients curious to come in and take a look. The window displays represent the brand and can be a deciding factor on whether a passerby enters the booth. The exhibition stand design and build will be designed according to the features that the exhibitors want for their show. 

7. Gondola display unit

Gondolas are free standing shelving units that are large in size and are 1 to 4 sided and can be kept at open large areas. They have repositioning shelves that can allow more than one type of packaging to be displayed. They are mostly made of metal and can be made using attractive scenery and color scheme. 

8. Informational Pop Display

Informational pop displays as the name suggests covers all the signage solutions to guide and orient visitors. It could inform about features, benefits, technical information, use etc. 

9. Digital Pop Display

Digital pop display makes use of high end technology to make the most of physical space by featuring brands. It helps to sell and give an advice on features. With the advancement in technology people have become technology savvy and like to explore their options in the more modernized way. This is a new and modern method of display. 

10. Shop in Shop

Shop in shop as the name suggests are literally shops within a shop. They are used when a brand can have a large area dedicated to selling a broad assortment. In this type of display a modular design is must. This display is kind of a mini store, the brands can have. The exhibition stand designers are a pro in making arrangements for these types of designs. 

11. Retail Shelving

Shelving units or racks used to display and stock merchandise are organized in the shop floor in aisles and draw traffic patterns. The neat and tidy looking display units help to keep the assortment clearly presented and ordered. 

12. Endcap unit

Endcaps are placed at the ends of the aisles. End cap units are heavy duty retail shelving options that are sturdy and can handle heavy merchandise. Passerby can see products without even going down the aisle. They give a prime location to attract a number of eyes. 

13. Checkout display

Check out or front end display are low shelved units that can accommodate the diversity of assortments which require a specific design and layout. 

14. On-shelf display unit

An On-shelf display is a type of presentation that exists on a store shelf. The space in this type of display is organized to showcase, inform, and interact with shoppers. 

15. Shelf Stopper

A shelf stopper can increase the stopping power of an article and can improve the brand image. It is the signage material that is seen sticking out perpendicularly to aisles shelves. They have the potential to bring spotlight to an item within the aisle. 

16. Sidekick display Unit

Sidekick display unit are small points of sales solutions designed to maximize the use of space efficiently. They give the chance to get a product on shelves beyond the primary placement to add a few extra facings. They are also idea for cross merchandising such that the consumer lo longer has to change aisles to get the complementary item.