The Ultimate Checklist for your Next Exhibition

Preparing for an exhibition requires minute attention to detail. It may look like all you have to do is to gather all the materials like stand, products, and printed materials and head to the venue. But it’s far from just that! There are so many factors and processes to consider while preparing for the exhibition stand designer. Displaying your brand, products, or services in an exhibition will be a fruitful marketing strategy. Detailed planning will make your exhibiting experience a stress-free affair.

The following checklist will help you to get ready for the upcoming exhibition.

Practise Setup Run

Practice setting up a run of an exhibition stand is necessary to ensure that no parts are missing or damaged. Start doing this when the package arrives. Waiting until the last minute to set up your display stand is not at all a good idea. Also, do the following

  • Get the required permissions from the organizer for struts, overhead hangings, and oversized signage.
  • Check whether the name badges, card readers, and parking permits are ready or not.
  • Prepare presentations to be used during the show, and arrange A/V equipment if required.
  • Review floor plans and finalize the graphics.

Cables & Power

Plan everything like how much power do you need? , how will you position your cables (power and ethernet) on the modular exhibition stands? Take proper time to work out your power requirements like your electrical requirements, phone lines, and internet connections.

Talk to Working Staff

Have a detailed discussion with your booth personnel before the event. Start doing this at least a week or month before and let your attendees know what’s going on. Meet your booth personnel and brief them, review their training and reconfirm their targets.

Provide them with a schedule and tell them what all are the responsibilities. Ensure they know your goals and strategy and have their sales script rehearsed or ready.

Organize Transportation

Create a better experience with well-planned transportation services. Lock down your logistics services. Confirm all dates and details with your exhibition stand partner. They will carry off the task in an efficient manner.

Prepare a Supply List

Prepare a supply list. This should include everything you need like from payment tools to booth graphics and demo products. Write it down on paper so that you should not miss anything. You need to understand that everyone’s needs will be different from others.

A Final Check

Do a final check before the event to ensure everything is in its place. Supervise the stand built-up process and check on the delivery of all items and deliveries. A detailed checklist will help you in checking everything from the show's perspective.

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