What are the different types of exhibition stands?

What are the different types of exhibition stands?

Exhibition stands! What is the first thought that comes to mind when we talk of exhibition stands? A stack-holding appliance? Yes, indeed that’s the primary task of the exhibition stand. But with the advancement in technology, an exhibition stand has taken more than its primary task. It is now the face of the brand that it represents. In recent times a great deal of importance is given to the design of trade show booths. A considerable investment in terms of money and time is made to get an eye-catching booth design and to choose the best exhibition booth builder. Every exhibitor wants that they should get an innovative and unique trade show design that can steal the show and help them increase their return of investment.   

If we look at the variety of exhibition stands, it too has changed and advanced. In earlier times there used to be traditional designs that were sufficient for a trade show. Now there is a great variety that exists in terms of trade show booths. The exhibition stand design companies are offering a wide variety of stands that are suitable for different types of requirements. The exhibitor just needs to mention its specifications and needs, and the exhibition booth builders can provide a unique outstanding design matching the vision of the exhibitor. 

It is now that the trade show booths have been taken more seriously and a lot of emphases are made to make them unique and eye-catching. A lot of techniques are used to enhance their features like projections, interactive floors, overhead hangings, beacons, and more. There is no end to the trade show booth ideas that have evolved to make the trade show booth more welcoming and inviting. A custom exhibition booth design can be enhanced using a variety of techniques. Likewise, different kinds of booth design can be enhanced with a specific method. For all types of trade show requirements, trade show booths are available. Let us study in this blog all the different types of trade show booths. 

Linear Booth

The most common booth that is used at trade shows is the linear booth. It is also known as the inline booth. This type of booth has booth space that runs in a straight line and it includes several other booths in a long row. This type of booth will have only one of its four sides open to the aisle. The linear booth will have two other booths located on either side of it and the back of its wall shared with the back of another booth at the opposite side. The standard size of the linear booth is 10x10 ft. or 10x20 ft. 
You can say that a linear booth is the least expensive type of booth space and it is quite cost-effective deal for the trade show. 

Perimeter Booth

Perimeter BoothThe Perimeter booth is similar to the linear booth with the only difference being that the back of the booth is connected to the back wall of the conference hall. It shares the back wall against the perimeter wall of the expo hall or conference center and is called the Perimeter booth. 

Corner Booth

A linear booth that is located on either end of the row that has two sides open to the aisles is called a corner booth. 

Island Booth

A stand-alone booth that does not touch any other booth on any side is called an island booth.

Peninsula Booth

A Peninsula booth is an exposed booth option that is usually located on the end of a booth line or that is attached to another peninsula. Its front and two sides are open to three different aisles. It takes the position at the end of two rows of linear booths and spans two parallel aisles. Most of the peninsula booths are 20x20 ft. or even larger. Therefore they are used when you require ample space and flexibility in terms of layout, design, and display height

Pop up displays

A pop-up display also referred to as pop-up booths are single or double-sided display system that allows you to display high quality, eye-catching graphics, very often in a larger format than the other, smaller tabletop displays. 

Custom stands

Custom stands are specifically custom-made according to the specifications and needs of the exhibitor. You can take advantage of a wider range of custom trade show booth sizes and layouts that can present your brand in a unique manner. Using a custom trade show booth you can present your brand exactly the way you like. From booth furniture to messaging, and unique booth elements you have total control over how your booth will look and feel. That is the reason exhibitors like to spend on this type of design to materialize their vision.

Modular stands

Modular stands are displays that can be designed to be fitted together in a number of unique combinations to create a complete exhibition stand. They are some of the largest portable displays that you can have and are perfect to elevate your presence to a higher level. Modular exhibition stand Design Company can be relied upon when you are looking for a portable display option for your booth space. 

Double-decker stands

Double-decker stands have an extended construction upwards to utilize the space in the most efficient manner. They have the benefit of having visibility from far and the entire look gives a maximum opportunity of branding product displays in a creative manner. The creative freedom in terms of graphics and visuals is what adds to its value further. In addition to that, it gives a royal look and feel and can boost your company’s presence.

Country pavilion stands

If you want to portray a particular culture within your booth a country pavilion is the best choice of the stand. It reflects the culture, religion, and lifestyle of a country on the booth design and gives it an exclusive look.  

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