Custom Exhibition Stand Builders

Transform your Exhibition Stand Ideas into Reality with Custom Stands

Days are gone when you had to stick to regular exhibition stands to represent your brand, nowadays Custom Exhibition Stands are known to be the best possible way to represent your brand on your own terms. Custom exhibition stand design allows you to transform your creative ideas for your exhibition stands into a reality. Also, if you want to stand out from your competitors and a plethora of other exhibitors then opting for a custom stand design is the best way to do so. Radon is a well-known name among leading custom stand designers that offer such striking and unique custom exhibition booth design that will swamp your stand with visitors and make your brand leave an indelible impression over them. We ensure that our custom stand design not only fulfills your exhibiting goals but also conveys your brand message in the most impressive style to the visitors.

Why should you go with custom exhibition stand?

We not only focus on providing spectacular custom stand designs but also ensures that our clients enjoy a hassle-free event. We offer a wide range of services to allow our clients to have an easy exhibiting experience. Our packages include:

  • Custom Exhibition Stand Designing and Construction
  • Shipping and Installation of Exhibition Stand at the venue
  • Incorporation of Lighting, AVs, Graphics, Signage, and Other Key Accessories
  • On-site Supervision and Exhibition Management
  • Dismantling along with Safe & Secure Storage of Your Stand In Our Warehouse

Our Team

Our team of highly competent and experienced custom exhibition stand builders has earned various accolades by rendering thousands of innovative custom exhibition stand design to our clients from all parts of Europe. We have teams of skilled custom exhibition stand designers in Germany, visualizers, and managers, comprised of adept individuals with experience of more than a decade in the industry. Radon extends the perfect blend of dedication, intelligence, and painstaking efforts with creativity to deliver a range of remarkable exhibition stands including custom exhibition stand, modular stand, double-decker stand, and many more.

Who We Are?

Founded in 2003, Radon Exhibitions is a leading custom stand builder across Europe with its clientele spread across Germany, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Spain, and other European countries. We have our manufacturing units and warehousing facilities located across Germany and Poland and we are highly known to offer end-to-end exhibition stand services to national and international exhibitors in Europe.


Custom exhibition stands are the best possible way to represent your brand on your own terms. Custom designs allows you to transform your creative ideas for your exhibition stands into a reality and make you stand out from the crowd of other exhibitors.

Custom exhibition stand needs some extra care. After the event they need to be dismantle using technicians to avoid any damage and then safely transported and stored in a warehouse. It must be covered properly in a warehouse to avoid any breakdown.

Custom exhibition stands are usually large sized and typical to install. This is why they can only be set up with the help of professionals and technicians. Custom stands cannot be set up without any professional help and usually require a team to set up on exhibition floor.

Designing and building a custom stand is a time taking process and hence require 1 to 2 months out to be designed and built. It’s important to start working early on your custom stand with a professional team to get the most out of your custom designed booth.


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