Utility Two-Storey
Exhibition Stands

Do you want yourself to get noticed during a trade show? RADON SP Z.O.O builds an outstanding two-story trade show booth for customers in and around Europe. Double Deck booths are used to attract a maximum audience during an exhibition. We at RADON SP Z.O.O are professional double-decker exhibition stand builder who design, plan, and construct two-story exhibition stand keeping in mind clients’ specifications. A double-decker trade show booth provides huge opportunities to companies who are looking to participate in an exhibition.

double decker stand
two tier stand
double decker exhibition stands

Why Choose
Double Decker Exhibition Stands ?

Although booth double decks are advantageous, there may be a few companies who are not sure about their exhibition stand design. Here are some reasons that will convince you to choose Double-Decker Exhibition Stands:

  • More branding opportunities- Double Deck Booths on the exhibition floor maximizes the opportunities of branding and product display. With your two-story trade show booth, you can also utilize the complete exhibition space provided to you. Double-decker exhibition stands are more expedient as you can design your private rooms, social gatherings, product demos, and more.
  • Easier to view on the exhibition floor- With a two-story exhibition stand you can be easily spotted during the exhibition. A double-decker trade show booth makes you stand above your competitors and adds reputation and visibility that helps you drive traffic into your booth. Booth double deck is noticed first during the trade show and generates more leads.
  • Creative freedom- Double Deck Booths offers creative freedom that cannot be incorporated into a single booth. With a two-story trade show booth, you can attractive visuals and graphics without sacrificing other exhibit elements. Double-decker exhibition stands lets you try aesthetic features like lighting, sound options, and graphics. It will make your booth double deck aesthetically beautiful.

    Double Decker Trade Show Booths can be difficult to design and build, but nothing is difficult for RADON SP Z.O.O. We are famous in Europe for our two-story trade show booths. We are in the double-decker exhibition stand designing industry for the last 16 years. For the last 16 years, we’ve been providing best-in-class services to our clients. We also offer a range of exhibition-related services. From conceptualization, designing, and building, to shipping, installation, and dismantling, we support our clients at every step.

    Our expert team members design and manufacture high-quality double-decker exhibition stand with the help of our in-house manufacturing unit. Plus with our warehouse, you don’t have to worry about the storage of your exhibition stand. If you are planning to exhibit with a double-deck booth, then contact RADON SP Z.O.O and get all-inclusive quotations.