Exhibition Stand Design Contractor & Booth Builder in Hannover

Hannover Messe is the largest exhibition center in Hannover. Numerous exhibitors exhibit here, in the hope of achieving their marketing goals. For the exhibition, you’ll need an exhibition stand construction company in Hannover to accomplish your exhibition dream. And RADON SP Z.O.O is the only name you recall while thinking of an exhibition booth construction company in Hannover. We have our own manufacturing unit and warehouse facility in the area, to help you with your storage and manufacturing. In addition to this, we offer various exhibition-related services vital for an exhibition.

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We have an edge over other exhibition stand suppliers in Hannover since we are turnkey exhibition stand builders. We endow different exhibition stand design-related services like designing, building, manufacturing, installation, and reverse logistics. Additionally, we offer exhibition booth designs in Hannover that suit your specific requirements. You can select your exhibition stand designs from custom, modular, pavilion, double-decker, and other exhibition booth designs.

exhibition stand design hannover
Exhibition Stands
exhibition booth design hannover
Exhibition Stands
exhibition stand builder hannover
Exhibition Stands
exhibition stand contractor hannover
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Our Projects

From Country Pavilion to Double-Decker, and custom exhibition stand design to modular exhibition booth design, bespoke exhibition designs, we design, build, and manufacture all. Don’t believe us, take a look at what we have designed so far:


Hannover hosts some of the best and biggest exhibitions in the world, inviting businessmen and exhibitors all around the world. The competition is very tough, plus, convincing people of Hannover is quite tricky. However, your audience can be attracted to your booth if you have the best exhibition stand design. The most important thing to note while exhibiting in Hannover is to choose a quality exhibition stand builder that provides you with a unique exhibition booth design in Hannover. With RADON SP Z.O.O, your search for an Exhibition Booth Construction Company in Hannover completes.

We are a well-known exhibition stand builder in Hannover that promises a hassle-free exhibiting experience to our clients by taking all their work stress related to the exhibition stand designing, building, fabrication, manufacturing, and other processes. We extend our turnkey exhibiting services along with quick solutions to any exhibition-related problems faced by our clients. We provide you services from conceptualization, designing, building, and fabrication to shipping, installation, dismantling, and storage. RADON SP Z.O.O also offers on-site supervision to solve any emergency on the trade show floor and ensure a hassle-free exhibiting experience for our clients. Apart from this, each exhibition stand we build is built from quality material.

Our in-house manufacturing facility is equipped with modern equipment to carry out the end-to-end exhibition stand building process. Our creative and passionate stand designers ensure to design a variety of impeccable exhibition stand designs including custom exhibition booth designs, modular display stands, country pavilion stands, and double-decker exhibition stand designs while fulfilling all the client’s requirements as per the business and industry type. Searching for an exhibition stand construction in Hannover? Remember RADON SP Z.O.O as your ideal exhibition stand builder partner in Hannover.