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Searching for an economic and sustainable option for your next exhibit? Modular Exhibition Stands is your epitome of perfection during a trade show. Modular trade show booths are built with the help of connecting pre-engineered components of high-quality materials that are available in various designs and sizes. RADON SP Z.O.O is your ideal partner when you have to build Custom Modular Exhibition Stands.

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What is a
Modular Exhibition Stands ?

Modular trade show booths are the most preferred choice for a trade show because of the wide range of benefits this stand offers. Modular exhibition systems are a perfect blend of a modernistic approach and ease of use. This makes the Modular booth quite popular among the exhibitors. Modular stands are versatile, that is, they can be reconstructed into various different designs. If you are searching for a booth that can be easily transported, then Modular display stands are your ideal choice. Modular trade show booths can also be used multiple times in various events. Hence, they yield a high return on investment in the long run.

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modular  exhibition stands

Key advantages of having a
Modular Exhibition Stand Design

Custom Modular Exhibition Stands always have an edge over other stand designs. This is because of the following reasons:

Professional Set-up with Pre-Engineered Parts

Modular stands can always be made new because of the pre-engineered parts. You can always exhibit with a new stand without having to invest every time. The pre-engineered parts help you make the modular trade show booth look unique, and different from your competitors. Modular display stands can be used to help to create a steady look, that makes your brand generate a new look.


Modular exhibition stand has the capability to reform itself. You can easily modify the look of your stand according to your exhibition. You can make it adaptable according to the type of trade show you are exhibiting.


Since Modular Display Stands are not always built from the scratch, they save a lot on the environment. They are sustainable and their parts can be reused in the longer run.

Better ROI

As a Modular exhibition stand can be used several times, it ultimately generates a better return on investment. You can use your one Modular exhibition booth for your complete trade show calendar.

Modular Exhibition Stands from Radon

RADON SP Z.O.O is a well-known Modular Exhibition Stand contractors. We design, build and manufacture modular exhibition stands that are best suitable for your company. We are the modular exhibition stand design company. We are not a typical modular exhibition stand builder, but your complete package of exhibition-related services. We are with you right from the conceptualization, designing, building, and manufacturing, to storage, shipping, installation, and dismantling of your modular exhibition systems.

RADON SP Z.O.O has been in the modular trade show booth building industry for the last 16 years and is constantly providing its world-class services in entire Europe including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ukraine, UK, and many others. We have a long experience in providing modular exhibition booths designs according to the requirements and budget of the exhibitors. We specialize in building modular exhibition stands and modular exhibition booth design, plus we are the leading modular exhibition stand builders whose aim is to provide top-quality modular booths.

We at RADON SP Z.O.O has expert team members who are highly skilled and qualified in designing, building and manufacturing efficient modular trade show booths as per your requisites. We provide modular reusable exhibition stands services. With our own state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, the engineering process of your modular exhibition booth becomes easier. We have a proficient team of reusable modular booth builders who enable you to make a mark during the exhibition with unique Custom Modular Exhibition Stands. All you need to do is to contact RADON SP Z.O.O and tell us your specifications and requirements. Then, sit back and relax and make other exhibition preparations. We will deliver and set up your Modular Exhibition Systems at your trade show venue, and will also provide complete on-site supervision. Don’t shy away and make a call to us right away.