Sticking on cars and showcases

Wrapping cars and shop windows

Vehicle wrap advertising is a very unique and novel way of advertisement. Mobility and flexibility in vehicle wrap advertising are some of its defining elements. Car wrap advertising is certainly one of the main elements of its marketing & promotional strategy. In spite of its great potential, most often companies gets the message and eventually final results wrong. We have a long hands on experience in ideating and delivering vehicle wrap for our customers. Using our services, you can create the right buzz and reach a wider base of customers.

Our Approach

We are in consultation with customers at each and every step. Graphics and printing details are discussed in detail with respect to brand communication, customer targeting and brand positioning. Once we are on the same board, our team goes ahead with the vehicle wrapping shop windows. Final products will be exactly as per you needs and requirements. The wrapping task is done by experienced and subject matter experts.

Our service offers includes wrapping shop windows with printouts and foil cut with print and cut technique. Our product materials are resistant to adverse and extreme weather condition. Solvent print is employed for wrapping cars and shopping windows. We also possess exceptional capabilities in producing advertising banners and creating exhibition structures.